Green Tea 8 Wonderful Health Benefits

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Green tea is originated in china but one famous in every part of the world. In Japan, the tea ceremony is well known, and most of the time, they use green tea. It has many benefits for the human body.

green tea
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A cup of this tea in the morning will refresh your mood and keep you healthy for the whole day. It has many benefits like Anti-aging, anti-cancer, weight loss, antibacterial, good for bad breath, digestion, eye health, and lowering cholesterol.

Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea is rich in tea polyphenols. These polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activity, which help to delay aging and removes the free radicals in the body. It stops the damage caused by the free radicals to the body. The vitamin C in it has a whitening effect. It will keep your skin glowing. Regular consumption of this tea can help to get rid of dark spots, wrinkles, and freckles. You can also wash your face with it, which can control the oil and shrink pores, protect the cell membrane and also prevent skin from aging.

2.Fights Cancer:

Drinking green tea can fight and prevent cancer. Organic anticancer substances in it are catechins, theophylline, tea polyphenols, vitamin C, and vitamin E in it leaves all have the effect of inhibiting cancer cells. Regular intake of the green tea will stop the splitting of the cancer cells; also, it will delay the process of the cancer cell division. Studies have shown that it has obvious effects on defense against gastric cancer and intestinal cancer.

3.Weight loss:

Are you thinking of losing weight? Then green tea is your best friend on this journey. Doctors and experts suggest everyone drink green tea when they want to lose weight. It can help reduce the accumulation of fat cells in the body and become slim. Green tea contains aromatic compounds, amino acids, phenol derivatives, which burns the fat in the body and give a good shape. The tea polyphenols and catechins and vitamin C burns the fat and thus help you to slim and achieve the perfect way you want. Due to this property of green tea, there are many green tea products available in the market. Drinking it is the best method for women who want to lose weight.

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Studies have shown that catechins and tea polyphenols in green tea have an inhibitory and killing effect on some bacteria that cause human disease. The catechin polyphenols damage their bacterial cell membranes and even kill them. These compounds do not harm the production of excellent and beneficial bacteria to the body. They only kill the bad ones so no worries. It helps to improve the function of the whole intestine and keeps you healthy.

5.Get rid of bad breath:

Green tea contains fluorine. It is also added to toothpaste and has a good effect on oral health. It inhibits the action of the sputum bacteria. Fluorine and catechins contained in it can effectively inhibit the growth of plaque and periodontitis. The tannic acid contained in tea has a bactericidal action and can prevent food slag from propagating bacteria, so it can efficiently prevent bad breath. Regularly drinking or gargles can help eliminate some of the dirt in the teeth and keep good oral hygiene.

6.Improve indigestion:

Green tea is a natural aid for effective and rapid digestive activity. It helps to accelerate metabolism and improve the digestive system. It is rich in antioxidants, which promote the work of the gastric juices and thus facilitates digestion. It can also help in the case of diarrhea caused by bacteria. As we saw earlier that green tea has an inhibitory effect on some bacteria that can cause disease, it will destroy pathogenic microbes in the intestines and stomach and help to improve their function. In the case of indigestion, drinking it will help you a lot.

7.Eye Health:

Green tea is one of the best home remedies for eye infections and has a particularly protective effect on vision. It is rich in vitamins A and C; both of them help your eyes to stay healthy. People who are using computes, mobiles, or any other devices like these should drink green tea 2-3 hours prior. It will help your body to act on the elasticity and strengthening of the eye tissues. It also reduces the risk of conjunctivitis. Put tea bags of green tea on your eyes. They will have a positive effect on irritation, eye fatigue, and swollen or puffy eyes.

8.Lowering cholesterol:

The antioxidants and polyphenols in green tea prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and accelerate the elimination of bad cholesterol in the body. Vitamin C in it reduces the amount of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. It also reduces cholesterol deposition on the blood vessel walls. The catechins contained in green tea can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in the blood and relieve the state of hypercoagulability. The polyphenols in it can inhibit the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood.

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