Top 7 Diving Sites in the World

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Top 7 diving sites in the world, where are these and what you can see there? Let’s see in detail. Diving into the blue water in search of the beauty and treasure it holds will bring you the long-lasting memories of your life. Many people want to see different marine life underwater. Some want to explore the bottom of the sea, and some want to explore the beauty the sea holds.

Top 7 Diving sites
Image by Andreas Schau from Pixabay

Many divers explore various sites in the world and still in search of the best of best. So we have listed the top 7 diving sites where you can enjoy diving, get a better diving experience, and have a lot of fun.

Top 7 Diving Sites


Palau is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is one of the gateways for the Pacific Ocean to enter Southeast Asia. This is the seventh in our list of top 7 diving sites in the world. In the underwater world of Palau, there are many marine creatures. You can find hammerhead sharks, manta rays, tuna, squids, and whale sharks in the waters of Palau.

The water here has different colors, which makes it more beautiful to watch. There are blue holes in Palau, which are the center of attraction for divers. Many divers dive into these blue holes to get a look at a complex catacomb system with a rich set of flora and fauna. The sunlight creates illuminating effects in these blue holes giving it all shades of blue.

6.Great Blue Hole in Belize:

The sixth position goes in our list of top 7 diving sites in the world that go to The Blue Hole. It is the deepest ancient cave in the world initially formed as a limestone cave during the last ice age. During the last ice age. Belize’s Big Blue Hole is the largest underwater cave in the world. The depth of the cave is 124 meters. Blue waters and reefs surround it. The Big Blue Cave is the largest underwater cave in the world. This place is famous among divers who want to explore geological structures lying in the depths of the ocean.

5.USAT Liberty, Bali, Indonesia

In the fifth position, we have the wreckage of the USAT Liberty warship. It is one of the most popular diving spots in Bali. It is one of the famous diving spots in Bali. Japanese torpedoes flooded this warship, but it was dragged to the east coast of Bali by rescue expeditions. After a big earthquake, it sank into the water. You can quickly dive into waters and swim to the ship as it shallow. This ship is now a home for different environmental organisms, fish and coral species. You can find flocks of silver tuna, and if you take some food with you, schools of different fish will surround you.

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4.Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Fourth is The Great Barrier Reef. This is a lovely place, and it is formed by the world’s largest and longest coral reef group. The Great Barrier Reef is rich in biodiversity. It is home to four hundred species of coral and more than 1,500 species of fish. The Yongala shipwreck dive site will offer you a better experience. After you dive here, you can witness the formation of beautiful corals. The colors are blue, brown, pink, and purple, giving the entire coral coast a different color. You can find bull sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and tiger sharks here.

3.The Maldives:

The third position goes to The Maldives. This is a place that many people yearn for is located in the most densely populated area of ​​the world’s ocean currents. The underwater scenery is magnificent, and there are many types of fish here. You can see the Devilfish and turtles swimming around the divers. Many organizations in the Maldives organize diving sports. You can go diving in the vast blue ocean or take part in the courses and get a qualification certificate. The Maldives will give you the best diving experience.

2.Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia

The second place on our list is Sipadan. It is a famous island in Sabah, Malaysia, 36 km from Semporna Harbour on the North Siberian Sea. It is the most beautiful place in the world’s corals. This place offers everything a divers wants. Clear blue water, a variety of fish and beautiful corals you can see all the things here. You can dive 600-800 meters underwater. You can also have a chance to see the whale sharks, devil fish, and the turtles. With each dive, you will spot twenty to thirty turtles around you. At Barracuda’s point, you can see the vortex of Barracuda fish.

1.The Red Sea

This is the first site on our list and the best place for diving. The waters of the Red Sea are apparent because there is no mainstream river flowing into the Red Sea. This spot is loved and admired by many divers in the world. A calm and peaceful environment will soothe your mind and soul. You can see the beautiful coral reefs and the caves these corals form as it has the best environment for coral growth. Since various fish come here for breeding, you can enjoy the wide variety of fish swimming around you.

All these places are the best locations for scuba diving. Tell us what do you think about this list. If you have your own best places, then list them in comments.

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  • August 4, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    why is Philippines not included? diving sites here are way more beautiful than these


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